Monday, January 25, 2010

So Big!

The girls are growing fast and changing so much everyday. Anneli has moved up to sitting at the big table with a little help from the yellow pages, passing down her high chair to the baby, who is now 5 months old!

We have also found a church that fits us well. We have only attended for the last few weeks but are hoping to call it our new church home. They have two buildings one of which is only a couple miles down the street. They have a great need for help in the childrens ministry and I will be talking to them more about ways I can help out. I am excited to be serving in a community that really needs some help. Hunter also befriended a young man at church that is into video and does videos for the church! God is good!
Another little note is that I attempted to off Hunter yesterday( he really wanted me to post this). We were kicking a large ball around in Anneli's room...not the best idea! When I kicked the ball straight up to the ceiling knocking the light ficture down on Hunter's head. It made a huge crash and gave Hunter quite a lump on his head. He thinks there was blood gushing all over the place ...but really it was only a little knick. But all in all I think we learned our lesson about kicking balls in the house. Hunter was very relieved that it was him that the ficture fell on and not one of the at least we were all thankful in a scary circumstance. It is good to be thankful in all circumstances! ummm...reference...I'll just leave that one for you to look up on your own. Praise Him!

making goofy faces

Anneli very happy to be sitting next to daddy at the table.

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