Monday, March 28, 2011

busy busy

Yes our little world has been busy, busy. We were able to throw in some fun as well. We took a vacation with my family in the beginning of March. It was lovely. Warm sunshine, sandy beaches, and not having to cook or clean describe my ideal vacation. We came home and our busyness came into full swing with trying to get back into routines, piles and piles of laundry along with looking for a new house. As our family grows we are also growing out of our house, we are expecting baby number three in October. We had been planning and saving to buy a house since last summer. We set a deadline and over the weekend we found our prefect home! Hurray! It's in an ideal location, updated, cute, and energy efficient. And I already know one of my neighbors! We made our purchase agreement and if everything goes according to plan we will be able to move in the first of May.