Friday, December 4, 2009


We were all very excited to wake up to a blanket of fluffy white snow outside. The only downside was that I hadn't prepared myself for this much snow so soon. I haven't even bought a pair of boots yet! Well, I found a temporary fix by slipping into Hunter's big clompers. I bundled the girls was that a lot of work! We had barely got outside when Anneli was fussing because the snow was up past her knees. She couldn't walk so I was dragging her along so I could find our car somewere underneath all the snow. I was looking for the baby carrier (which I'd left in the car the day before) so I could strap the baby on me...that would be one less body to drag through all the snow. No hands froze before I was even  able to take a smudge off the car. So we all came back inside stripped off all our layers, put baby down for a nap. So now it was just Anneli and I...which was much easier for me. So now we were off to find a snow shovel to dig our way out of the snow. I looked in the luck. I looked in the luck. Back outside to look in the shed once more, and there our  sidewalk was cleared of all the snow! Our very  kind neighbor who I'd met just minutes before, who also watched our whole escapade was kind enough to shovel our sidewalk for us...Thank you again!

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