Monday, March 8, 2010

Photo Shoot with Daddy

I have been wanting to get the girls into Hunter's office to take some pictures for quite some time now. I tried nagging a bit to no provail, never worth it by the way! I finally decided to let it go and one day Hunter says get the girls ready we're going to take some pictures! Well it was lunch time and almost nap time but I bit my tongue and just got the girls ready and we headed out the door. Anneli did really well for about 3 minutes. Then she couldn't sit still. She was having fun running around the office, I think it was a game to see if we would chase her. The baby actually did very well until she toppled over on her face onto a hard floor. But pictures were taken and they turned out absolutely beautiful. And here is what came from my listening and responding to my husband without argument or complaint.....

The only picture of Anneli and Iya sitting next to each other, after this picture Anneli had a hard time sitting in one place.

This picture of Anneli looks like a movie. Hunter is an amazing photographer and artist!

Sweet little Iya, who is 6 months and growing too fast!

Thank you to my loving husband!

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