Thursday, October 29, 2009

Building a new home

Little by little we are all realizing we are home in our new little place. I was very thankful the other day when we came back from exploring our new territory and Anneli says "home". She often will see something that reminds her of our house in Scappoose and will point to it and say "home" as if saying that belongs at our old house.

It actually is a lovely place to live. Our neighborhood is beautiful with its trees turning all different shades of red and yellow. Many of the houses are very old some of which were built before 1910. A block away is a park with swings and several slides. Further down the same street you will find a cute part of town with a few cafe's and shops to brouse around in, all within walking distance of our house. We have a big fenced in back yard which even comes with a little dog that lives downstairs.

our backyard

Hunter is working more. He has an office that he goes to everyday and has been working on a few shoots and has many more projects lined up for the upcoming months. He is working with a friend who is also letting us stay in the upstairs of his house that is converted into an apartment. The apartment is lovely. It has harwood floors and many windows which make it bright and cheerful throughout the day.

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