Thursday, January 8, 2009

silly goose

Anneli is officially walking, she has been attempting to walk for a few weeks but has used crawling as her preference for getting around up until just a few days ago. Her walking has brought a new adventurous side to my sweet little girl. I keep finding her in the funniest spots. We have a sheet up in front of our living room window so it keeps the drafts out. She has found it great fun to place herself in between the sheets where she thinks she's invisible. She also loves to climb in cardboard boxes. It all started when Hunter thought it would be a kick to put Anneli in a cardboard box and pull her around. Well she was all giggles and thought that was one of the greatest things ever. She now climbs in any little box or basket she can find, some of which are a bit small for her. She squeezes herself in them anyway, and a few attemps at sitting in the box and trying to move herself she finds that she needs daddy's help.
Every day she does something that makes us laugh. This evening she dumped out all her toys out of the toy basket and climbed in it, and then started putting the toys back in with her still sitting in it.

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