Thursday, December 11, 2008


On Tuesday we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. We started the day off by heading up to Mt. Hood where Hunter had made reservations at Timberline Lodge. Anneli slept most of the way there and when she opened her eyes we were almost to the top. As she peaked out the window she had a very puzzled look on her face as she saw everything covered with snow. Then her little face lit up with a huge smile. We spent most of the first day in the lodge sipping hot chocolate and admiring the scenery. I had forgotten how close Timberline Lodge is to the very top of the mountain. It was a beautiful sunset, we were up above the clouds and as the sun went down all of the clouds lit up in an amazing array of colors.
On Wednesday we went out exploring and since the winter snows hadn't hit there hardest, we were able to drive into the national parks. We stopped at Clearwater Lake. Hunter describe it as being so quiet it was loud. Ice had formed around the edge and when you picked it up and threw it across the lake it made cool sound.We moved on and pulled into the next park but after driving for about 25 minutes and not seeing any lake we turned around. It was a beautiful drive so not all was lost. We headed back to civilization and had some lunch and the took Anneli sledding, I think Hunter and I actually had more fun pulling Anneli than she did riding. She was a good sport though. We headed back this was a good trip...Oh and I don't know why this section of the post was made a link but i couldn't reverse it so try to ignore .

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