Monday, October 13, 2008

october already!

Well the seasons have changed, and the fall weather has brought some cold mornings. Poor little Anneli can barely move her arms when I've finished dressing her for bed. It has been a little while since I last posted on this blog, my apologies. Well whats new...... A few weeks ago we added 2 dairy goats to our little farm. It's been keeping us pretty busy. The morning and evening milking times, or should i say wrestling matches have proven the most challenging. I have a stubborn goat, you think it would be easy, all she would have to do is stand still and it would only take half as long. But no...she'll kick over the bucket or step in it. So the wrestling match begins, I dodge her stomping feet as she leans her weight into me to get me off her milking stand, I push her back, she gets mad and kicks up her feet, the milk bucket goes flying and here i am covered in milk shedding a few frustrated tears. If she had a little more meat on her I would have already sent her to the butcher. So much for my dairy business.

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Tanya Kangas said...

That is so funny Marika! I need to see a picture of this goat! Love the part about if she had more meat on her. I'm cheering for your dairy business. If your goat gets in a better mood and you start collecting too much milk, let me know, I'll be your first customer!