Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A little light in the night

It's funny how God uses stressful moments in our lives to connect us to himself. I was up most the night with a screaming infant....yes sweet little Anneli seemed as if she would never go to sleep last night. I was frustrated and tired so a thought popped in my head to shoot up a prayer to the Lord, immediately I became so aware of how blessed I am, I have an amazing husband and beautiful baby girl. I have parents that always welcome our parading in on them no matter what they have already planned. And friends to laugh and learn with through all the trials that come our way. I know God has put these people in my life for a purpose and I sure have learned alot from there example.

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randallr1 said...

Hi Marika, it's Popi! We've been traveling and I just got a chance to see the new blog site. It warms my heart, and I miss you all so much.

It makes me so proud of you to hear your thoughts about your blessings. We are all so very blessed!!!

I do hope we will somehow be able to spend more time with you all soon and to see Annali as she grows up more often. I have a sneaking hunch God has something up his sleeve that includes those things!

Love you. Kissies to all from us all here!