Monday, July 14, 2008

Summer activities

This summer has brought a lot of excitement and a busy schedule for us. In June our family flew to Orange City, Iowa for a film shoot. Hunter was busy day and night working with cast and crew on an independent basketball movie. This was pretty big for us since it was Hunter's first time shooting a movie! I even got to help some with making posters for pep rallies and Anneli and I got to be in one of the scenes! Lots of excitement. But this was just the start for Hunter's busy summer. We flew home the 3rd of July so Hunter could again fly off, this time to Africa. Hunter is now in Rwanda helping the Africa Mission Alliance with filming a non-profit documentary. I have been receiving email updates and it sounds like he really needs a hamburger! ha! Other than missing his family he seems to be doing very well, its been a refreshing time of ministering and being ministered to. Hunter is do back this coming Friday and Anneli and I are greatly anticipating his arrival.

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